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About Us


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Wegal Co. was founded by Dr. Hamidreza Alami and the help of Turkish experts in 2001 in Shokoohieh industrial town, Qom, Iran. During the early years, all the raw materials including frames, embroidered sheets, air capsules, etc. were imported from Turkey. The assembly process was conducted under the direct supervision of Turkish engineers and a significant amount of products were exported to Arab countries border the Persian Gulf and Azerbaijan but in recent years, there have been some changes in the management and with the assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government, production machines are purchased from Turkey and Europe

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This enabled the Iranian managers and engineers to have a major role in the operational processes and the role of Turkish engineers was limited to supervision. It was decided to continue the collaboration with the Turkish partner to receive new methods and technological updates for the production process. This industrial complex produces various bedding goods including different mattresses (e.g. medical, spring, special medical, and super-medical), different pillows (e.g. medical and non-medical), bedding layettes (e.g. baby mattresses and anti-reflex mattresses), 7-piece traditional royal services, various bedsheets, etc.

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